[To read] Finally a guided method to make money!

Hello everyone!

Well, I read a few posts and I could not help but notice that most of you are in the same state I was when I started wanting to make money on the internet.

I literally spent 2 months trying everything I could find on the net, I slept 4 hours a night to get there, I really wanted to get there. And now my daily earnings have 3 digits (without going into details).

And since I know you’re damn bad, I decided to give you a method with which you would not hurt to get…

[To read] Finally a guided method to make money!

Need 1 craigslist posting to 50+ major cities

I am not sure why my last post was deleted, my alerts page is empty where you normally get deletion information. Sorry if I’m breaking the rules!

I am selling vehicles and am trying out craiglist for leads. These are pretty rare vehicles so people travel across the USA to buy them. What I need:

1 post to each major city
Cars for sale by owner section
500~ word description (I will supply this)
A few pictures (html embedded or attached to the ad, whichever is easiest for you)
replies go to…

Need 1 craigslist posting to 50+ major cities

Need Facebok Like


I need facebook likes for my page. My page is Automobiles related that sell Used cars .

I need those keyword based likes USA Only .

Please send the quote per K or 10K .



Anyone knows how to get followers on musically ? I found this youtube video showing this hack where you follow/unfollow people for 10 sec and you start getting followers . It actualy works but looking for other hacks ?

Is there any automatic free logo creator?

Here it is the situation,

I’m making a lot of microwebsites, they should last 1 month, so no big investment in each website, however it has to look credible so it has to have a logo. In this situation I can’t afford spending $5 on a gig for each website, so I need something that generates logos, like I give the words that I want on logo and the software generates a lot of logos that I can choose from. Anyone knows some software/website that does that?

Thank you

PS: My creativity is below…

Is there any automatic free logo creator?

Shopify Facebook Ad – Will it work?

I have made my store and products, I will be advertising to the UK for people who like watches above 21+

View attachment 86608

This is the facebook ad using the FREE method a user has suggested on this site.
Should I drop the verification badge?

Best multi-domain ranking tracker


I’ve got a small budget, but looking for the cheapest keyword ranking tracker that people know of (that allows for a lot of domains).

I have about 10 domains but im only tracking 4-5 keywords for each one

Any recs?

Much appreciated